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Tipard TS Converter for Mac

Features list

Four languages supported interface : English/French/German/Japanese

AMD APP Acceleration and NVIDIA® CUDA™ tech convert videos fast

Convert TS videos to popular videos, audios or picture

Video editor with trim, crop, effect watermark and detailed parameter settings

Wide-options for profiles to support more portable devices

Embodying high-end Mac TS Converter, Tipard TS Converter for Mac caters to the favorite of all levels. As it can convert TS videos to many popular video formats, you can enjoy more videos shot with your camera, even if your portable player does not support such video formats. Moreover, this TS Converter for Mac helps users edit videos with many options which enable you to make videos of your own style. You can trim video into segments, crop video frame, add watermark, adjust video effect, set resolution, video/audio bitrate and so forth. To convert and edit TS videos, Tipard TS Converter for Mac is your best choice.

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As we all know videos shot with camera are sotred with TS format, however, not all players can play TS videos. Tipard TS Converter for Mac is capable of solving all similar headaches. With it, you can easily convert your TS videos to popular mainstream video format on Mac. The following is a detailed step way for you to convert TS videos with Tipard TS Converter for Mac.

Step 1: How to add videos

After free download and install Mac TS Converter, you can click "Add File" button to load different video files you need to convert. Another way, you can click "File">>"Add Video"/ "Add Folder" to add videos.

Step 2: How to edit videos

Two ways are easy for you to help edit the video: click "Clip">> "Trim"/"Crop"/"Effect"/"Watermark" or by the editing buttons. This step is optional and you can skip it if there is nothing to edit for you.
Trim- Make videos into clips and set the start time and end time as well as the video length.
Crop- Cut down the undesired or black edge or enlarge a certain part of video screen.
Effect - Adjust video Brightness, Saturation, Contrast and so on.
Watermark - To make personalized logo by adding text or picture.

Step 3: How to choose format and settings

To meet the need of your playing, you can click the drop-down menu of "Profile" to choose the output format you really need. There are many built-in formats can be choosed for users, very easy and convenient.
Tips: "Apply to all" can be used when you convert more-than-one videos to the same format. You can set video parameters like video/audio bitrate, sample rate, resolution and so on. Users can also set detailed parameters in "Settings" which can help users improve the video/audio quality.

Step 4: How to convert videos

Finishing all above settings, users can convert videos with ease by simply clicking the "Convert" button and click "Open Folder" after conversion. During conversion, users can view the conversion screen by tick it. Besides, if you convert bundles of long videos at one time or you need to shut down the video without oversee it during conversion, you can tick the shutdown after conversion. Open folder after conversion is another convenient way for users to get the video easily without finding.